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Sonny Peterson Trucking, INC

Sonny Peterson Trucking, Inc. established in 1987 as a small trucking company hauling grain for the Gessell Feed Mill and other grain elevators.  Since 1987 we have grown rapidly and in 1994 when we became Incorporated, we already had lanes open in refrigerated and

Front row: Pam and Terri      Back row: Julianne, Missy, Sonny, Sandy and Vickie
Front row: Pam and Terri Back row: Julianne, Missy, Sonny, Sandy and Vickie
dry vans, as well as hoppers.  In 1995 we were joined in business with Swanville Logistics, Inc. and started hauling more products from the East Coast, and in 2004 we purchased Kohorst Beverage Company, which involves hauling beer and dunnage. 

Back in

Mechanics: CR and Jody
Mechanics: CR and Jody
1987, Sonny dispatched and drove at the same time, Sandy did the billing and accounting in at home. With the death of Sonny in August of 2019, his Son Carl (C.R.) has took over head of management and dispatch.  We have a full time dispatchers, Pam Sutton, and a part dispatcher Bill Hawn, a secretary, Vickie Spandl. And Sandy is still doing the accounting. Our maintenance guy is Jesse Thompson. With a fleet of about 20 truck and 23 trailers, they are all very busy. 

We can haul in all 48 states, but primarily haul to the

Bill Hawn Richmond Office
Bill Hawn Richmond Office
East Coast, the Midwest, Northwest, and California.

To contact us please call 1-320-547-2489 or email us at or


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