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The City of Swanville uses a Mail Ballot Procedure for Elections. If you need to register to vote please contact Julie at 320-547-2291 or the Morrison Count house. If the following information doesn't answer your question please contact Julie at 320-547-2291.


Election Results for the City of Swanville
Out of 182 registered Voters, 170 votes were cast
Mayor Sandra Lange 112 votes 
Write In 6 votes
Council Members Tony Maciej 106 votes 
 James Molitor 78 votes
             Other write ins 17 votes



Election Results for the City of Swanville
 Mayor Sandra Lange 95 votes (89.62%)
Write In 11 votes
Council Members Tony Maciej 97 votes (53.59%)
Jim Molitor 74 (40.88%)
Debora Wood 98 (98.00%)
Election Results for the City of Swanville
Mayor Sandra Lange 139 votes (93.29%)
Write In  10 votes
Council Members Norman Carlson 137 votes (82.04%)
Write in 30 votes
Election Results for the City of Swanville:
Mayor Sandra Lange 92 votes (97.87%)
Council Members
                                                           James Molitor 78 votes (70.27%)
                                             Jeremy Bartkowicz 89 votes (94.68%)
                                             Tony Maciej had 5 write ins and has
                                          accepted the position as council member

 Election Results for the City of Swanivlle:
Mayor Sandra Lange 137 votes (98.56%)
Council Members Jim Piekarski 119 (47.22 %) AJ Johnson 128 (50.79%)
 159 registered voters

Election Results for the City of Swanville:
Mayor Sandra Lange 108 votes (93.10%)   
  Council Members Tim Grittner 106 votes (51.96%) Jim Molitor 73 votes (35.78%)





 How do I register to vote?

Anyone not currently registered to vote and is eligible to vote for General Election, needs to contact Julie at 547-2291 to complete an application. You can get an application from Julie, at the below link, or at If you fill out this application mail it to Morrison County Auditor Office at 213 SE 1st Ave Little Falls, MN 56345 or give it back to Julie by October 1st. This must be done by October 1st, before the general election. If it is after October 1st you need to contact the Morrison County Auditor's Office. The Auditors office is located in Little Falls, at the Morrison County Government Center. There address is 213 1st Ave SE, Little Falls, MN 56345. You can call them at 320-632-0132 or email

 How do I vote absentee?

A registered voter who will be adsent from the precinct may request, in writing, that the ballot be mailed to the voter at a different address. Send request to:

            Morrison County Government Center           

County Auditor

213 1st Ave SE

Little Falls, MN 56345


 Where do I vote?

The City of Swanville uses a Mail Ballot Procedure, there is no actual voting place. If you are a registered voter, the ballot will be mailed to you.

 Who should I contact with further questions?

Please call Julie, the City Clerk, at 320-547-2291 or The County Auditor at 320-632-0132.


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