The City of Swanville

Home of the Mid-Summer Carnival

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    Nestled in a valley with Pepin Lake, Swanville is a beautiful small town located in central Minnesota.  Swanville has that small town atmosphere, but still able to offer a great amount of services.  Swanville is home to a public school (the schools website is that offers quality education, stores that have all the conveniences of a larger town, great business opportunities, and a community park for all to enjoy.  


Our vision is be a welcoming community to live, work, play and raise a family.


Our mission is be proactive in making Swanville a vibrant community by providing fiscally responsible and highly dependable services where residents can live, play and work supporting that small town way of life.



Home of the Mid-Summer Carnival

1. Integrity and Trust- Honest and open government, we do what we say.
2. Honor and Pride- Proud to live and work in a healthy, safe, caring environment.
3. Innovation and Inspiration- Future planning and new ways to be better. Strategic Planning.
4. Fiscally Healthy and Stewardship-Be fiscally responsible and use resources wisely.
5. Dependable-Provide dependable, safe, clean, and timely services.
6. Partnership-Work with local agencies, such as Lions, Swanville Fire Ass, and Local Businesses.



1. Provide fair and economical municipal services and be responsive to community needs.
2. Make Swanville a desirable place to live for all ages and families.
3. Ensure residents feel safe and secure. See Morrison County Multi-hazard mitigation plan below
4. Involve community in decisions and planning. Create an environment to promote involvement.
5. Enhance housing opportunities.
6. Promote and improve locale business opportunities.
7. Improve, replace, and maintain infrastructure.
8. Offer an array of recreational areas for all ages.
9. Provide fair and honest governing policies.
The City of Swanville is a equal opportunity provider and employer



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